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Friggin' sunburn. Hurts like a son of a bitch. At least I slept OK. Nancy would prefer that there be more beach time but there is no way I can cut it in the sun any more. With my luck I'd get seriously sunburned, admitted to the hospital, and my wife would seduce Dudley Moore while Ravel's Bolero plays in the background. Luckily she says if I can find something to do that doesn't involve the sun then we can do that. I'm sure she was betting that I couldn't find anything like that in Hawaii. I searched the guide book (not Maui Revealed) and find a lavender farm that serves tea and scones way up in the maui upcountry. Not really my cup of tea (rim-shot) but my sunburn hurts so bad I would rather choose tea and crumpets. You know I must have been in pain.
We decide that we are going to go ahead and book the bike tour down the crater and while we are there we ask about the zip runs. Our concierge Lorrie sets it all up and also gives us the scoop on the lavender farm. The bike trip and zip lines are pricey but you only go to Maui one time. At least that's the premise I'm working under.
We head into Lahaina looking for breakfast and stumble across a place on Dickenson street, a side street off the main tourist drag. Nancy has some eggs benedict that she claims are awesome. I have a surfers special that consists of scrambled eggs, Portuguese sausage, and veggies wrapped in a tortilla and covered in enchilada sauce. Quite tasty even if I had to pick out the couple sprigs of broccoli. We go check out the Banyan tree in the daytime and it appears they are having an art fair. We walk over and check out one aisle then wind up walking around the back side of the banyan tree and courthouse. As we are walking past the charter boats a shirtless fellow on a bike with a British accent inquires about my shirt. (I'm wearing the Bulldog Pub shirt my friend Nancy bought me in Amsterdam). Apparently this chap on the bike is familiar with it. He's the first one to inquire about it and actually know what it is. One lady asked me if it was the Yale Bulldogs. Seriously. Do I look Ivy League to you? For some really bizarre reason I answer shirtless bike guy with a British accent and he asks if I'm from England. Apparently my fake British accent is enough to fool an expatriate. I have no idea why I did it either. I quickly backtracked to my native redneck and we find out his name is Mickey. We talk a little about Amsterdam, England, and other travel spots. Mickey is basically a rambler who has traveled the world and done nothing; working odd jobs on a work visa (or probably otherwise) and moving on. I was totally jealous. He was quite a nice fellow and he allowed us to take his picture.
We head back over to the art show where I find myself an 'ancient' fish hook necklace and I pick up a sharks tooth necklace for Robert. Mine is supposed to bring good luck to fisherman. Robert's, I suppose, only brought bad luck for the shark. Nancy winds up buying a jade necklace with a tiny jellyfish in it. Not a real one you PETA freaks.
We hop into the car, program the GPS, and head towards the lavender farm. Good thing I brought my GPS. I would have never found the place without it. The piece of crap Pontiac G6 barely makes it up the hill. Somehow we make it and we are overcome with the smell of lavender. The grounds are beautiful and even I have to admit the tea and scones were pretty tasty. We took a lot of pictures and I walked out with some lavender sunburn lotion. It smells like lavender.
We decide that as long as we are out this way we should take a drive down to Tedeschi winery. Everyone says we should. The road is curvy and windy and I'm guessing this is a prelude for the road to Hana tomorrow. Once we arrive we are somewhat disappointed. The grounds are nice, but very small. We don't even bother with the wine tasting. I mean really. Who wants to drink pineapple wine? That's something you drink when you are an alkie and don't have any lemon extract on hand. I encourage you to pass on the winery. Stop if you are going to defy the car rental companies and go around the southern way to the other side of the island. Why not? Your driving past it anyway. Otherwise, skip it.
We head back to the resort and get back around 4:00. This gives Nancy some beach time while I reapply the aloe on my medium rare gut. While she's chilling on the beach I sneak down to Whalers Village for some t-shirts and red coral baubles that Nancy had her eye on yesterday. I get a necklace and some earrings for a very reasonable price. She liked them.
We head over to the Westin where we eat at a place called Ono. The wait staff was a little surly but not overly so. We opt for the tapas; calamari and chopped sashimi ahi with ginger and red onion. Nancy gets prawns in chili tomato oil and sea scallops with garlic mashed potatoes. The food is outstanding athe the presentation is first class. After dinner we take a stroll down the beach and then back up to the resort. The breeze was pleasant and despite all the people, quite contemplative.

Some pics from the day
Breakfast View
The Banyan Tree
A Very Hairy Mickey
Fields of Lavender
Drew's Art Photo Entry
The Lovely View
An Orchid in Digital Macro Mode
Hyatt Pool at Night

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