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My New Desk

I was in the market for a new desk at home and I wanted something unique.  I knew I wanted something with a large work area and I wanted it to sit higher than what a normal desk would.   I had a vision of exactly what I wanted but I couldn't find it anywhere.  Luckily I ran across this.   Being a former architecture student in college, this architects desk was right up my alley.  Add in the map drawers, or in this case blueprint drawers, and I had the uniqueness I was searching for.   Unfortunately the price was way too much.  Then, about ten days ago the owner emailed me that she would offer it to me at just slightly more than half of the list price.   It was still an expensive piece but it will serve me as a fine desk for most likely the rest of my life.

The desk is made by the C.F. Pease Blueprint company, of which there is very little information.  They were headquartered in Chicago and made blueprint and drafting equipment in the late 19th and early 20th century.   I imagine the desk to be from the mid 1930's, possibly the 1920's, although the antique dealer was thinking the 1940's.   Either way it is easily close to 75 years old.   It came out of the basement of an old Milwaukee architect's home and was in very bad shape at the time according to the antique dealer.  They cleaned it up, but not to the point where it was completely refinished.  Which is good.  The antique look is what gives it the great character.  It even still has push pin holes from where blueprints were pinned to the board.  Speaking of which, the board can be raised to pretty much any angle or height up to 42" high in the front and 51" in the back.  Or anywhere in between.  The best part is that the mechanism for raising and lowering is as simple as can be: two knobs on each side of the frame clamp the extender legs of the top piece so that any position can be achieved.  I imagine with a nice piece of Borco and a good straight edge I could be drafting again.

The desk actually comes in pieces, which can be arranged a couple different ways.  In the photos from the store web site, the drawers were situated on the right side.  I really wanted the left side but was OK with them being on the right.  It was a bonus to find out when I picked the desk up in Madison, WI that they could be moved to the left.

The top, which is 6 foot by 3 foot, with extender legs shown.

The frame.

The top set of drawers.

The bottom set of map drawers with three map drawers removed.

All configured.

I expect much good writing and computer programming to occur here.

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# Nikki on 10-Nov-2009 at 18:31
Very cool, looks like something I would buy.

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